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Sample Reports
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Supercharge Your Networking and Your Business at SUPERCOMM 2004!

This year, TIA introduces TIAnalytics, a free, secure, personalized networking and business development tool designed to make your days at Chicago's McCormick Place your most productive all year. TIAnalytics is based on revolutionary Business Relationship Optimization technology that matches you to people and products you want to meet at the SUPERCOMM show.

SUPERCOMM 2004 will bring together thousands of products, people and solutions. Now there is a way for you to:

  • Identify the exhibitors, conferences and technology demonstrations that exactly match your interests.
  • Arrange meetings with specific exhibitors, experts and other attendees who have the solutions that meet your particular needs.
  • Create a personalized micro-event organized around you and your precise interests.

Don't leave the value you get from the show to chance. Activate your TIAnalytics portal now and navigate your way to a targeted, high-productivity experience!

Work through the crowds from the comfort of your office ahead of time and set up more high-value meetings and deal-closing on the SUPERCOMM 2004 show floor. Participants have access to generic information about you, but no one knows your identity unless you choose to start a dialogue and reveal it to them.

Best of all – It's easy!

TIAnalytics jump-starts value from your answers to standard registration questions. You can make it into an unprecedented personal engine for sales, networking, product-planning and business development with more information on what you want to do at the show.

Need more convincing?

Every SUPERCOMM 2004 participant will receive a "True Potential Report" for the show that becomes dynamic after you activate your TIAnalytics portal. The report is a great summary of the opportunities for you in attending SUPERCOMM 2004. Show it to your colleagues, boss, and friends.

  • Click here for a sample "True Potential Report" showing the kind of information your portal will aggregate and keep current for you.
  • TIAnalytics is available exclusively to registered SUPERCOMM 2004 attendees. Click here to register for SUPERCOMM 2004.

Beginning Your TIAnalytics Experience:

What Can Your Portal Do For You?

This event will bring together thousands of products, tools and solutions. Now there is a way for you to:

  • See exactly how you relate to others at the show!
  • Systematically connect to the people and technologies that support your objectives!
  • Create a personalized, micro-event around you and your interests!

TIAnalytics is available only to registered attendees (register now). Your personalized portal will generate a range of recommendations for connecting with people and products based on your answers to registration questions. It is possible to use these preliminary recommendations to begin extracting value from the show.

However, keep in mind that registration questions are very basic, and your portal has therefore had to make some "smart assumptions" about you and your interests. We strongly urge you to begin your experience of your portal by navigating to your Home page and reviewing information in the tabs marked "My Info," "My Products," and "My Expertise". This information concerns your expertise, products, and interests and is used by the Business Relationship Optimization engine in matching you with others. Complete and accurate information in these areas is the key to harnessing the full power of your portal to your interests.

The next step is to decide whether you want to look for people or products of interest at the event.

Connecting with Relevant People
The first big button on your custom portal lets you "Connect with relevant people for your professional and business objectives." This opens a high-power networking tool to help you find people who share your networking interests by area of professional expertise. You can access this information in two different ways:

  • Via the "Networking Recommendations" tab - These people are drawn from synergistic areas of expertise mapped by the Business Relationship Optimization engine. The ecosystem map for your expertise is included on the page. You have the flexibility to refine your results by selecting "Edit this Ecosystem" and/or "Update my Expertise Profile". You can also manage several simultaneous expertise areas from this page. This feature is especially valuable for technically focused networking.
  • Via the "Saved Searches" tab - With the powerful search functionality of the portal you can conduct and retain a search based on specific keywords, connection type, expertise, and/or product category. Two sample saved searches, "My Exhibitor Visit List" and "My Networking Interest Example" are provided for you, which you may utilize or refine based upon your needs.

In addition, a robust "Search" feature at the top right of the page searches every word and number in data fields on the site. You can input several search terms and phrases separated by "and" or "or." You can use this feature to pull up a list of people with particular personal characteristics, product associations, or both at the same time.

Finding Products & Services

The second big button on your custom portal enables you to "Find products and services that support your business strategy."

This selection brings up three ways to find products and services that support your business strategy and the people associated with them:

  • Find by market ecosystem. The Business Relationship Optimization Engine maps your product in the overall market ecosystem of the show and identifies synergistic product areas for sales, OEM deals, technical discussion, joint product development, and other projects. Under "Recommended Product & Service Matches," the product ecosystem is mapped on the left and the associated people and companies are listed on the right. You can manage several different products, market ecosystems, and contact lists from this page.
  • Find by keyword(s). "Saved Searches" is the same saved search functionality available under the "People" button. An example saved search, "My Exhibitor Visit List" is based upon Product or Service related keywords. Under the "Search for Products and Services" tab you will find "Search by Keyword." This feature searches every word and number in data fields on the site, including the product data fields. You can input several search terms and phrases separated by "and" or "or." You can use this feature to search for products that meet technical, geographic, and other criteria - simultaneously. The search will return a list of people and companies associated with products you are looking for.

Whether you search for people or products in your portal the underlying output is a list of contacts and associated products. The fields in their profile displayed in the list will vary according to the kind of search you are running. Clicking on an entry from the list will open the person's complete profile, including title, personal expertise, networking interests, and product associations. The only thing you will not see in the profile (until you establish a connection) is the person's personal contact information. This feature protects privacy.

Once you have opened a person's profile, you can anonymously contact the person about one or more of their company's products or stated areas of expertise.

  • Contact someone - Clicking on the link "Request Connection" sends a short message to the other user's portal. The message conveys your networking interests and requests that they accept your invitation to connect. You can also include a personal message and request a meeting once the connection is made. The person can accept or decline the request and send you a return message. If the person accepts, both parties' contact information is revealed under the "Established Connections" tab and you can then initiate direct contact.

Managing Active Connections

The third big button on your custom portal, "Manage your active connections," contains features to help you manage your contacts:

  • "Pending Connections" contains the list of all contacts from whom you have requested contact information but have no answer. It also contains a list of incoming invitations for you to connect.
  • "Established Connections" contains the list of all people who have revealed their contact information to you. It displays key points of the contact information. You can use this list to: (1) contact people directly and (2) request and schedule or reschedule meetings during the show.
  • "Meeting Center" contains your schedule of meetings with contacts made during the event, lets you change or cancel meetings with the contacts, and prints your schedule in PDF format. We suggest that you meet contacts without exhibitor booths at the Networking Pavilion on the show floor.

Help With your portal

If you have questions that remain unanswered, you can contact your portal help desk by e-mail at support@bdmetrics.com or by calling +1-800-931-5103.

At SUPERCOMM 2004, you can access TIAnalytics at any of the kiosks located on the McCormick Place show floor.

Sample Reports
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